The Fishery Survey of India prepares the annual Fishery Resources Survey, Assessment and Research Programme based on the priorities and requirements in space and time.  The Base Offices prepare their programmes based on the requirements of the traditional fishermen, small and medium boat operators and industrial fleet of deep-sea fishing the tuna longlining.  The programme is approved by the Consultative Committees and is made available to important stakeholders.

The Fishery Resources Survey, Assessment and Research Programme for the year 2017-18 to be undertaken by the Fishery Survey of India (FSI) has been formulated primarily at the Base level considering the requirements of the end-users of the FSI data products viz., traditional fishermen, mechanized fishing boat operators, deep sea fishing industry, especially the upcoming tuna long-line fishing industry.  

The Consultative Groups of the respective Bases and the Consultative Committee of the FSI Headquarters have approved the programme after evaluating the implementation of the Annual Programme of the previous year and considering the current and future data requirements of the marine fishery sector.  Adequate emphasis has been given to the programme on various issues relating to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries such as eco-friendly, resource-specific fishing gears, mesh selectivity studies etc.  Monitoring of the exploited fish stocks of the coastal waters with a view to suggest ways and means to conserve the resources of the inshore areas has also been given due importance in the programme.  

The inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary research projects to be implemented during the year are also presented in the programme.  The programme also has provision for imparting training and demonstration of modern fishing equipment and fishing techniques for the benefit of fishermen.

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