Public Authority :  Director General, Fishery Survey of India
Quarter :  2nd Quarter
Year :  2021-2022
Quarter Ending :  31.03.2022
Mode :  Insert  Status

:  New Return

Block I (Details about the requests and appeals)
  Progress during Quarter
Opening Balance as on beginning of 1st Quarter No. of applications received as transfer from other PAs u/s 6(3) Received during the Quarter (including cases transferred to other PAs) No. of cases transferred to other PAs u/s 6(3) Decisions where requests / appeals rejected Decisions where requests / appeals accepted
Requests 0 0 3 - - 4
First Appeals 0 0 1 - - 1
Total no. of CAPIOs designated Total no. of CPIOs designated Total no. of AAs designated
1 01 01
Block II (Details about fees collected, penalty imposed and disciplinary action taken)
Registration Fee Collected (in Rs.) u/s 7(1) Addl. Fee Collected (in Rs.) u/s 7(3) Penalty Amount Recovered (in Rs.) as directed by CIC u/s 20(1) No. of cases where disciplinary action taken against any officer u/s 20(2)
30 140 NIL NIL
Block III (Details of various provisions of section 8 while rejecting the requested information)
No. of times various provisions were invoked while rejecting requests
Relevant Sections of RTI Act 2005
Section 8(1) Sections
a b c d e f g h i j 9 11 24 Others
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Block IV (Details regarding Mandatory Disclosures )

A.  Is the Mandatory Disclosure under Sec. 4(1)(b) posted on the website of Public Authority

 Provide the detail / URL of webpage, where the disclosure is posted
Yes http://www. fsi.gov.in
B. Last Date of updating of Mandatory disclosure under Section 4(1)(b) 31/03/2022
C. Has the Mandatory Disclosure been audited by third party as per DoPT vide OM No.1/6-1R/  2011 dated 15/04/2013  Provide the detail / URL of webpage, where the disclosure is posted
No Website redevelopment is under process.

D. Date of audit of Mandatory disclosures under Sec.4(1)(b) (Format dd/mm/yyyy)

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