Short-term vision Long-term vision
  • Monitoring of demersal resources within 200m depth contour

  • Exploratory surveys for all types of fishery resources in the Indian EEZ

  • Survey of Deepsea demersal resources beyond 200m depth

  • Investigations and research in coral reef ecosystems

  • Survey of coastal pelagic resources

  • Commercial fishing technologies and innovations

  • Survey of oceanic tuna resources

  • Monitoring surveys for fish stock health in the Indian EEZ and evolving appropriate fishing strategies

  • Survey of skipjack and yellowfin tuna resources by pole and line fishing in Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar groups of islands

  • Database maintenance and networking

  • Introduction of monofilament longlining and midwater trawling for exploration and exploitation of tuna and columnar fish resources

  • Large marine ecosystem approach for conservation, management of resources and preservation of environment

  • Fish stock identification and biodiversity studies using molecular techniques

  • Habitat management and assessment of risk to habitats

  • Application of remote sensing in forecasting of marine fisheries

  • Environmental impact of fishing on protected species

  • Investigation of fishery resources in the high seas in Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean

  • Sustainable fishery and enhanced food security