Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)

       a)  FSI Headquarters, Mumbai
       b)  Mormugao BO
       c)  Kochi BO
       d)  Chennai BO
       e)  Visakhapatnam BO
       f)   Port Blair BO
       g)  Porbandar BO
First Appellate Authority
For more information on RTI
Authorization of Financial Powers
       Dy. Director General (Fy.)
       Director (Engg.)
       Heads of the Offices of FSI Bases
RTI Quarterly and Monthly Reports
       RTI Quarterly Return
       Details of monthly receipts and Disposals
Section 4(1)(b) (i) to (xvi)
Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
Nomination of Liaison Officer for SCs, STs and PWDs 
Transfer Policy in FSI
RR Notifications
Office Orders
       a)  Promotions
       b)  Filling up the Post
       c)  Appointment
       d)  Posting on Appointment
       e)  Transfer of Gazetted Officers
       f)   Transfer of Shore Staff
       g)  Relieving
       h)  Assumption of Charge
       i)   Posting of Staff
       j)   Budget
       k)  Ministry Notifications
       l)   Delegation of Admn. & Financial Powers
       m Transfer of Floating Staff