Under the Rule 13(3) of Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1978, Shri M K Farejiya, Director (Engg.) is hereby authorized to exercise the powers conferred on the DG as Head of the Department to the extent indicated against each item, in the Annexure I as per the Order No: 18-8/2005-EIII dated 21.05.2014 issued by the Director General.

Srl. No. Details
1 Grant of annual increments to the Gazetted Officers other than the Director General and Director (Engg.)
2 Grant of cash handling allowance to those physically handling the cash at Headquarters as well as the Base Offices.
3 Grant of extension of time limits of 6 months and 1 month as the case may be, within which the members of the family of the Government servants may be treated as accompanying them, in individual cases on merit depending on special circumstances.
4 Grant of over time allowance.
5 Permission for transactions of movable and immovable property under Conduct Rules, in respect of Group A & B employees, other than the Director (Engg.).
6 Grant of reimbursement of conveyance hire paid by the Gazetted Officers of the Headquarters, other than the Director General and Director (Engg.)
7 Grant of advances viz. HBA, Scooter Advance, Car Advance, Computer Advance, GPF Advance and withdrawals to all the employees except Director (Engg.).
8 Sanction of expenditure on Telephones, Electricity and purchase of newspaper for the Headquarters.
9 Sanction of expenditure on procurement of fuel for vehicles of Headquarters.
10 Sanction of expenditure on purchase of reference books and Swamys news required at the Headquarters.
11 Sanction of expenditure on purchase of uniform and grant of washing allowance to the staff of Headquarters.
12 Sanction of expenditure on entertainment and light refreshments except that incurred by the Head of the Department.
13 Grant of advances of pay / T.A. on transfer / Tour / LTC  to Gazetted Officers.
14 Grant of reimbursement of medical expenses under Medical Attendance Rules, 1944, including advances to the Gazetted Officers in the Headquarters except for the Director (Engg.).
15 Countersigning of Medical Claims, TA Claims, Transfer TA Claims and LTC Claims of Gazetted Officers except Director (Engg.).
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