The Mandate of FSI was modified in the year 1998 for meeting emerging needs of Indian Marine Fishery for optimizing fish production as well as promoting fisheries regulation, ensuring resources conservation and environmental protection.   The mandate of FSI is listed below.

  • Survey and assessment of fish stocks and charting of fishing grounds in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and adjoining high seas.

  • Monitoring of fishery resources for fisheries regulation, management and conservation.

  • Assessment of suitability of deep-sea fishing gear with special reference to the concepts of maximum sustainable yield, preservation of environment and ecology of marine ecosystem.

  • Marine fisheries forecasting including application of remote sensing in fisheries management.

  • Maintaining data on deep sea fishery resources and dissemination of information to different user groups.

  • Human resources development through training of fishing operatives and meeting faculty requirements of sister institutes and organization.